Denis, Dennis, David and Joan 6 April 1931

This is another picture of DENIS EVANS.  Slightly older than the previous picture; this one was taken on 6 April 1931, so we know Denis would have been just 13 at the time.   The other children in the picture are not brothers and sisters, they are the children of his brother HARRY EVANS.  From right to left DENNIS (aged about 6), DAVID (aged about 4) and baby JOAN.  The woman cut from the picture is almost certainly Harry’s mother-in-law, MRS WOOD, since he apparently didn’t get on with her.

The picture was probably taken in CANTERBURY where Harry had moved as young man.  He was the brother that DENIS was closest to, and Denis would be invited to visit and stay.  The journey was made by bus from London to Canterbury.  His strongest memory of those visits was sitting cross-legged on the bed, while HARRY taught him to tell the time using a big wall clock and moving the hands manually.

DENIS out-lived these nephews and niece.