Denis Evans circa 1926

This is DENIS EVANS, probably taken around 1928.  It is not possible to make out the cap badge but he went to RHYL STREET SCHOOL, KENTISH TOWN from age 5 to 11, and then on to HAVERSTOCK HILL SCHOOL.  He always claimed he should have gone to the grammar school in Haverstock Hill, but the eleven plus exam was changed the year he should have taken it (around the time of this photo), so he went to what was effectively the Secondary Modern instead.

DENIS was the youngest child of FREDERICK AND ROSE EVANS of ST LEONARD’S SQUARE, KENTISH TOWN.   Denis was very much the youngest, the next nearest child, his brother DAVID, being nearly eleven years older.  As a child, Denis shared a bedroom with David, and his main memory of that time was the way David would throw open the window every morning and do keep-fit exercises in front of the fresh air, freezing Denis in the process.

Denis Evans talking about Rhyl Street School: