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Rose Higgs circa late 1930s

ROSE EVANS (Nee HIGGS).   Date of this photo isn’t known but it is probably some time in the thirties.  Writing on the back shows it was sent to her son Harry and his wife (“to show you how beautiful I am” – said ironically we’re guessing).

There was a rumour in the family that someone from Rose’s side of the family had gone to Australia and opened a tannery business which had been very successful.  Who this was has never been established.  Her only brother (as far as we know)  WILLIAM HIGGS seems to have spent his life in the St Pancras area and in an early census is shown as a working in stable.

Although she was small Rose seems to have been feisty.  One night she had taken a jug to the pub to collect her husband’s beer (beer could be bought from the tap – it was taken home and heated up with a red hot poker when Fred came home from his shift on the buses) when she came upon two men beating up a policeman who they had already knocked to the ground (it should be remembered these were the days when London policemen had to be over six feet in height).  Rose stood over him with the jug as her only weapon and invited the two men to come and have a go at her instead.   Whilst she was distracting them, the policeman managed the reach his whistle and blow it to summon help.    She was awarded a certificate of commendation (or similar) by HOLMES ROAD POLICE STATION for her bravery.