Florence Griffin circa 1935

Both these pictures are probably circa 1935/36 and show FLORENCE GRIFFIN who has now left school and started work.   In the left hand picture she has left the school uniform behind and has started to dress fashionably (albeit on a tiny budget); an interest that stayed with her all her life.

Florence would have left school at fourteen 1934.  Initially she worked at a small engineering company on the corner of FORTESS GROVE in Kentish Town.  This street was the home of her maternal grandparents and, on other occasions, Florence had lived there in a rented house with her mother and sister, Mary. However as a young child Florence had suffered from a mastoid in her ear.  This was operated on by a doctor on the kitchen table at home and he succeeded in puncturing her ear-drum leaving her deaf in that ear for the rest of her life. As a consequence Florence was super-sensitive to sound and found the din in the factory hard to deal with.  The owners of the factory suggested to her family that perhaps she wasn’t suited to factory work and she left there. She then went to work for a baker’s shop somewhere near ROYAL COLLEGE STREET in Kentish Town.

The right hand picture is around the same period.  Although it is hard to make out it shows Florence on her first independent holiday with two of her friends (Florence is on the right).  An Aunt, remembered as Auntie Lou by Florence, owned a boarding house at the seaside – possibly in Southend.   Whether this was her mother’s sister or her mother’s aunt (both called Louise) isn’t clear.  When they arrived for a week’s holiday, the aunt quoted a rate for their stay.  Pleased to discover it was less than they’d expected, they went out and spent their money.  Only to find out the next day that the rate quoted was per day, not the week.  Despite being a relative, Aunt Lou made them leave early when their money ran out!