HARRY EVANS was the fourth child, and third boy, of Frederick and Rose Evans.  He was born around 1900.  This picture may have been taken to mark the fact he had left school and started work (since they weren’t a family for photos) in 1913/14.  Harry would eventually become the father of those three small children pictured with DENIS in an earlier picture on this blog.

Harry had a talent for engineering.  In WW1 he joined the Royal Navy and we know he was shipped out to the Dardanelles but by the time his ship arrived whatever reason they’d been sent out there for had finished and he never disembarked.  For part of his time in Navy he was in the branch that would later become the Royal Air Force and worked as an engineer on the planes.

After the war Harry worked at a bus garage in CRICKLEWOOD.  Again on the engineering side.  However one day he got into an argument with a foreman who called him ‘a bastard’.  Harry took this term literally as an insult on his mother, hit the foreman, and walked out.  A fellow worker at the garage had already moved down to Kent and joined the EAST KENT BUS COMPANY.  He wrote to Harry that there was plenty of work down there for engineers, so despite the Cricklewood garage asking him to return (a mark we suspect of his talent as a engineer), he moved to Kent where he spent the rest of his working life with the East Kent.  He was such a good engineer that he could actually start from a plain slab of metal and make the tool or part he needed to carry out a repair if necessary.  The company had a mobile workshop that was sent out if the bus broke down.  Since their routes also covered London Harry used to get back to visit Kentish Town occasionally, when he would suddenly appear in his mother’s kitchen carrying a large sack of Kentish potatoes and announcing he couldn’t stay long because he had to get back to the van.