G A Dunn football team

This is DENIS EVANS in 1938 when he was twenty years old.  He is third from the left on the back row (including the chap in the hat).  Denis left school at fourteen and started work as a delivery boy for a local grocers.  He seems to have fallen out with them after a month and left. A man living opposite them in ST LEONARD’S SQUARE (Mr Butler?) was already working at G A DUNN & CO in Kentish Town and told Denis they wanted a boy to help on the delivery van for the London shops. He started immediately and spent the rest of his working life at DUNNs (apart from the period between 1939 – 1945). Even though he only spent the first six months or so on the van before being moved inside the warehouse, he could still recite the locations of the shops eighty years later.

DUNNs had their own sports ground in MILL HILL (it later became a garden centre and is now built over).  DENIS played for both the Football and the Cricket teams.  This picture shows the 1937/38 football team.   The teams often played both Saturday and Sunday matches and on those occasions they’d travel to the ground by bus on the Saturday and sleep on the benches in the changing hut overnight.