This picture was taken in LONDON ZOO at REGENTS PARK.  Lizzie is in the front on the right.  She worked in the kitchens there, probably washing up, and the rest of the women are almost certainly the other kitchen staff.   The date is somewhere in the mid to late thirties.  Her younger daughter, Mary, remembered running over a small bridge into the park after school to go and see her mum in the kitchens.

Lizzie was remembered by her daughters as a person who was always cheerful despite her lack of money.  She also had a restless spirit and many times her daughters would come home from school to find Lizzie packing up and announcing they were moving.  The little family moved around a series of rooms in Kentish and Camden Town, sometimes for no good reason.  On one occasion Lizzie kept insisting she could hear feet coming up the stairs; once even throwing open the window and calling to a passer-by for help because someone was breaking in (he ignored her!).  So the family moved on.  It later transpired that what she could hear was the next-door neighbour’s German Shepherd dog running up the staircase on the other side of the wall.