Florence Griffin circa 1932

This is FLORENCE in her dancing costume.  She was learning a kind of tap at a local dancing school which put on amateur shows.  This must have been during a period when the family were slightly better off since normally there would not have been any money for lessons.  As her father died when she was young (about 7) her mother was left with two small children and no money.  Whilst there were family members around on her mother’s side, they don’t seem to have provided much support and LIZZIE was left to fend for them all.  She did this by taking menial work that others didn’t want such as black-leading grates, whitening steps, and general washing up.  FLORENCE remembered many times when they were hungry and wondering when their next meal was coming from.  One Christmas Day dinner consisted of boiled potatoes and a slice of corn-beef.

FLORENCE’s dancing career was very brief.   This was the first show and she was so nervous she was sick in the wings and couldn’t go on.  That was the end of the dancing.