Rose Higgs

ROSE HIGGS (later EVANS).   Rose was the youngest of a family of 7 as far as we know. She was born in WARDEN ROAD, KENTISH TOWN and later, just prior to her marriage, lived in CATHCART  STREET, KENTISH TOWN.  She married Frederick David William Thurley Evans who was some ten years older than her.  They went on to have 8 children and Rose seems to have spent her married life in ST LEONARD’S SQUARE, Kentish Town.

In later pictures Rose appears to have grown very stout (I guess 8 children will do that to you), but in earlier life she was known as ‘sparrow’.

The date of this picture isn’t known, but it is in a postcard form, similar to those taken around the time of the First World War so it’s likely it may have been taken to send to one of her sons who was serving in the Forces.  The three eldest boys all joined up during this War, and only two came home.